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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

The best lighting designers know that there’s more to finding lighting solutions for a big project than just interior lighting. Every new building from hotels to showrooms to office buildings and personal properties needs efficient modern lighting fixtures. These luxury lighting fixtures need to ensure that every visitor feels safe when they come to the property; no matter the time of day. That’s where Dainolite comes in. Available through over 1500 lighting wholesalers and e-commerce vendors, Dainolite’s amazing catalogue of reliable, high-quality are readily available for any build.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Restaurants & Hotels

Hospitality Lighting Isn’t Just for Interior Designs

With the new focus on social distancing and maintaining at least 6 feet separation between people in public, lines have never been longer.
This is especially true at restaurants and hotels, which have limited occupancies, and require guests to line up outside during peak times, in order to maintain that safe distancing.

On busy nights, this means that these buildings can have lines of waiting guests standing outside, making modern outdoor lighting more important than ever when you’re designing your next project.

Dainolite has a great selection of modern outdoor wall lights for illuminating the exterior of your building, all while providing the area with an elegant, inviting tone.

You want your guests to feel welcome before you’ve even greeted them, and Dainolite’s luxury lighting fixtures can make that happen.

Dainolite has proudly provided luxury lighting fixtures for HGTV’s Income Property!

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Office Buildings

Offices, Educational & Medical Facilities can Benefit from Modern Outdoor Lighting

Because of the volume of employees at many large offices and factories, parking can sometimes be relegated to a separate location.
This can mean long, dark walks to and from the main facilities for employees who are arriving early in the morning or leaving later in the evening. Modern outdoor lighting solutions can be challenging for these builds.

Dainolite understands the importance of ensuring employees feel safe and comfortable at their workplace, and that includes the time they spend outside their work facilities.

Thankfully, we have an amazing collection of wall and step lights that can be easily built into walking paths, to help provide that feeling of safety and comfort to employees, while also adding contemporary lighting fixtures to any property.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Patios & Parking Structures

Efficient Luxury Outdoor Lighting Makes Guests Feel Safe

For outdoor structures like parking garages and covered patios, it can be difficult to provide effective, dependable modern light fixtures that don’t require much space or daily maintenance.

Dainolite offers a wide away of puck lights and pot lights, which provide all the same high-quality luxury lighting as our other more expensive products, but with all the necessary benefits required for outdoor modern outdoor lighting solutions.

Home Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Brighten Up Your Backyard with Modern Outdoor Wall Lighting

Are you the family member that loves to host? Do you love to entertain guests late into the night?

If you’re looking for high-quality lighting solutions for your backyard that are attractive and affordable, look no further than Dainolite’s amazing catalogue of products.

With over 2000 SKU’s in our turnkey catalogue, we have modern outdoor lighting products that are sure to fit with any backyard size or design. We even offer specialty hanging lights that are great for stringing along the back of your house or the side of your deck.

Custom Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Make Your Exterior as Unique as Your Interior with Dainolite

There are countless exterior building designs out there, and no matter what your building’s interior lighting designs might be, you’ll want something just as stylish for the exterior.

Dainolite has an amazing catalogue of stock light designs available, but we know that sometimes those standard options just don’t quite provide the unique lighting solutions you’re looking for.

Not to worry! As one of Canada’s premiere custom lighting manufacturers, Dainolite’s team of expert lighting designers are ready and willing to help you bring your dream project to life. All we need is a schematic. If you can draw it, we can build it!